Episode 07- Ohio Grassman and Spooky Jesus (featuring Chris)

January 24, 2017

Welcome to Trivial Terror- the Embarrassing Childhood Fear Podcast! This week, Meg and Chris kill their doubles, talk about universal Mum Myths, discover Ted Cruz's final form, and wonder why those bronze Jesuses are so goddamn creepy. Apologies for my poor-quality soundbites this week, the usual website I use to download youtube clips was down.

To learn more about the show, check out @megtuten on twitter or sodasodabanana.tumblr.com. This week's guest was Chris Cogswell- listen to the Mad Scientist Podcast on iTunes and Podbean.

As of Tuesday, Shaun's back home and doing better! But he still had a hard week so send your support + prayers to Shaun through @hollywood_voodoo on instagram or hollywoodvoodoo.tumblr.com.

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