Not an Episode - Important announcement on the future of Trivial Terror

March 7, 2017

It's not going so good, due to circumstances outside my control. For more updates on the computer situation and the travelling situation, check out @megtuten on twitter or

I'm actually really upset about this, because I have a lot of animation projects in the pipeline and I can't work on any of them without my desktop computer. The worst part is that it was working fine yesterday and only today did it totally fuck itself with no warning at all.

Really though, the computer thing is just a part of it. I'm really tired. I'm dealing with personal shit that I don't think is worth going into and balancing all of that with my other projects, my animal rescues, and my new job as a tutor.

Hopefully I'll be back to this gig in the future but if I never do then Zack, Ember and I host a weekly show all about deconstructing the works of RL Stine. It's called Nightmare on Fear Street, and you can listen to it here.

Trivial Terror merch is now available! Get the evil teddy logo or the Ted Cruz Truth design on mugs, cards, laptop cases and more!


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